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Site updated 31/05/2021

Just a bit about my scooters

Top left a Vespa GS 160 which I bought of Reg ( was at our 21st do) for 350 I had got it this far into the restoration and then stupidly swapped it for a 1965 ford cortina MK1.

Top Right My first Vespa PX 180 log book 125 doing 30mph along Mayflower Drive in 1985.

Middle left the same PX outside my parents house in October 85.

Middle right after hitting a tramp over on Foleshill Road in 1986 the red PX is sprayed Kawasaki racing green by no other than Steve and Richard Coneely, the first spray job they ever got paid for so Richard told me last year. The scooter was written off on Burnaby Road in 1988 after a nice old lady pulled out on me in her mini metro. Alex Thornton ended up with this scooter.

Bottom left me old PX.

Bottom right me old GS.

Paul Thomson